All Wired Up

I have been experimenting with jewellery making. Whilst I have been creating oodles of the fairly standard drop hoop earrings, I have also put my talent with pins and needles to good use and knitting with wire.

This bracelet was my prototype.

The medium is 32 gauge silver wire and I had these gorgeous flower beads I was unsure of what to do with, so I just knitted… When it fitted around my wrist I bound off and threaded through a thicker wire to hold the shape. It is by no means perfect and it has a tendency to bend and catch as I wear it. I’ve used a magnetic clasp to secure it, which works quite well.  I aim to experiment further with edging materials… perhaps knitting a double thickness and folding it around a cuff material so the edges are neater… Not sure.

This was yesterday’s experiment, which I’ve had in mind for ages!

This is 28 gauge green wire (which I think is easier to work with in some ways) with freshwater pearls. This chocker style necklace has been crocheted, something I’m not particularly good at with yarn! I’ve simply chained the wire and then doubled back twice so there are three strands randomly chained together, with the pearls scattered along the length. I REALLY like the way this has come up, and it’s the perfect size to wrap twice around the wrist as a bracelet as well. It’s secured with a lobster clasp.


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