Crafty lady – chapter 1

So much to do, so little time, so much to tell you!

I shall break this into chapters:

Chapter 1: The Spinning Wheel.

A lovely friend and I were discussing spinning wheels and how i wanted one. She mentioned she got hers from ebay for a steal and linked me to a number of wheels listed in Victoria.  One was listed for only $35 with three days to go on the auction. So I bid. After all, as if I would win an auction for a spinning wheel for $35.

I did. Monday morning I get the email telling me I’ve won the auction. I looked around my TINY apartment and BURST out laughing. I couldn’t believe it. Where was I going to put it?! I clearly hadn’t thought this through! I honestly spent about twenty minutes laughing.

I went and picked it up on Saturday. The story goes that a butcher made it 50 years ago from instructions in a magazine. He kept it in the shop window as decoration and then the wife of the seller inquired after it and ended up buying it. She spun on it for many years, but gave it up about 25 years ago. So now it is mine!

I realise that getting a handmade wheel as a first wheel contains a few risks and may make learning more difficult, but $35!!!

I went to the Spinners Guild and bought some more roving, dyed and undyed and a selection of dyes, as well as a book – A Visual Learning book with nice big, clear pictures – on spinning (both spindle and wheel).

I need to replace the cord that’s standing in for drive tension.  Still not sure what’s best to use, but i guess i can experiment! I also need to get some sewing machine oil to oil all the moving parts, and then just have a go i guess! I can always needle felt the yarn barf (read chapter 2- coming soon!)

For those who like pretty pictures: here is the wheel in my (incredibly messy) apartment. I have since tidied the house and it is now tucked away against the wall until I need it.

read on for more adventures in Chapter 2 – THE COW!


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