SockWars III (08)

I entered sockwars this year for the first time!

I’ve been in a crafting frenzy, so i thought why not put it to a competitive use!

I finished my socks within the week, even with my mother visiting on the Mother’s Day weekend.

The pattern was quite simple and I used one of the deleted colours of the Patonyle patterned sock wool in a pretty pink/purple/blue/white/yellow combination and despite not liking yellow (it’s so overly optimistic!) I really loved the colours! (In fact, so much that I bought another 2 balls to do socks for myself before they all sold out at work, which they now have!)

So anyway… here are the socks!

I took the photo before i grafted the toe, as they were designed to fit a foot a bit shorter than mine and my toes were sort of sticking out of the end.

So while those were wistfully winging their way to Maine, I received word from my ‘assassin’ that my socks were on their way from Cleveland Ohio!

They arrived before i heard anything regarding my own victim’s socks, and they’re lovely! My assassin was also wonderful and put in a whole pile of postcards, info and MAPLE CANDY! from cleveland. I ❤ MAPLE CANDY so i was very excited!

here are some photos of me opening the bag and receiving my socks.. you’ll have to forgive the picture quality, but i’d come home from work and the inbuilt camera on my computer is my grainy friend!

So thank you Sally in Cleveland, and Courtney in Maine, I hope your socks find you happy and well…

and good luck to the lucky sockknitter who is going to win a whooooole lotta tofutsies!

My first Garment

Having bought Heartfelt, I knitted something from it! And I LOVE it.

It’s Cherish, knitted in Rowan Big Wool (as designed) in the M/12 size in colour Smokey. It is sooooo warm and snuggly and as it gets colder here in Melbourne I’m hoping to wear it even more.

Here it’s pinned with my sewing up needle, but I have since sewn a button on it, though in my eagerness to wear it i modelled my own shawl pin for a while, which looked great!

I’m now working on Calm, which i’m knitting in Jo Sharp’s Rare Comfort Kid Mohair in colour Tranquil. How appropriate, no? I’m aiming to finish it in time to wear to work on Saturday.. so two days! but i only have the top of the sleeves, the sewing up and the small yoke to knit. Easily done!

A whole new craft!

(precursor – I apologise for not updating in AGES, but I can’t craft and type at the same time! – yet!)

Well, I can now cross one thing off my ‘things i want to learn to do in 2008’ list…

I can crochet!

I bought a book at work which I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn (from a book) – Learn to Knit, from Patons Australia. It uses Jet, a 12 ply and Inca, a 14 ply (bulky weight yarns) so it’s quick and easy to see what you’re doing.

I bought it on a Wednesday, took it on a plane with a ball of yarn and a plastic hook and by Sunday I had made these:

The hat is made from Jet (and will be available on my etsy site as soon as I have some better pictures of it) which is an Alpaca blend so beautifully warm. I would keep it, but the style doesn’t suit me at all!

The scarf is made from a soybean/wool mix and despite being a tad rough, i love love love love it and wear it at least once a week! It goes with ALL my purple things and is super warm.

There is also a crochet scarf available on my etsy (after i made one for me!)

I splurged and bought The Happy Hooker (Debbie Stoller’s crochet book in the Stitch n Bitch series) and have the yarn for a couple of the bags from it. I’ve also favourited a pile of patterns on ravelry, including the prepster blazer, the crocheted skirt and the cold-shoulders capelet, which i have some gorgeous mohair I bought on sale i want to use up on it!

I’m also now waiting for Sensual Crochet (and Sensual Knits, Scarf Style and Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Flowers) to arrive from the UK. I’m hooked!