etsy news!

Things are starting to get going at my etsy site!

I’ve purchased a showcase spot today (7th) and already someone has spotted one of my items and included it in this gorgeous purple themed treasury. She’s also listed her treasury on her blog, so in return I’m linking back to her here!

Thanks Talli – insert Streetcar Named Desire quote here 😀

I also had my first completely random stranger sale on Friday night. Some lovely person in India has purchased one of my first listings – my beaded pinboard pins – and my latest creations – knitted flower hair clips!

I got Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Flowers a little while ago and I’ve been playing around with some left over yarn and her little patterns to create some of my favourite items yet. And they’re already becoming quite popular!

plum flower clips

magenta flowers

pink flower clips

I must say though I do find Ms Epstein’s instructions a little hard to follow at times, so i sort of have to use my geometric engineering brain to work out what i’m supposed to do. The picot flowers i’ve been doing look adorable, but I’m sewing them up to make them look like that, rather than following her sewing up instructions, which make NO sense to me (any help here is MOST welcome)

I’ve also knitted a gorgeous brooch which will be listed as soon as there’s enough light to take a decent photo.

I’ve enjoyed playing around with the flowers so much that i’ve ordered her crochet flowers book too, since my crochet skills are improving all the time!


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