The Travelling Stash Collector – Oh Canada!

Ah Canada, the Great White North. Place of Yarn Stores and awesome people…

I love canada. I really do. It was my first time there and i headed to Toronto and Montreal (next time i’ll have to go to vancouver and edmonton)  and i bought more yarn in those two cities than anywhere else… I spent a week in both cities and generally took it easy – again you can read about my canadian advetures on my blog here and see photos of toronto and montreal on flickr.

In Toronto I visited no less than five yarn stores…

The Knit Cafe – I headed here and joined in the regular SnB, which was an absolute ball! I picked up some more handmaiden here, making the most of being in canada 🙂 The cafe is lovely and the store is small, but well stocked. Was very inspired here and finished off the thank you socks for my lovely friend of the family host whilst here.

Americo Original – This is actually an outlet for Americo Original yarn company – a nth american company specialising in sth american  fibres – llama, alpaca etc… They sell patterns, or give them away with the yarn and have a beautiful range of cottons, merinos, alpaca and llama in beautiful colours. they also have buckles, buttons and leathers for creating truly original knitwear!

Lettuce Knit – found this store almost by accident. I had done my yarn store research and when i saw i was on this street i thought, hang on – there’s a yarn store nearby! it’s in a gorgeous street surrounded by cafes and bookstores. The little store has socks that rock!!!!! that was exciting! and habu, blue sky alpacas and all sorts of other deliciousness.

Knitomatic – Headed there for another knitting night, but no one else showed :(. Instead i spent and hour or two chatting with the store owner, her birdie (so cute!) and two awesome local indie spinners. Barbie heads in yarn people! bit much for me, but have to admire the achievment! Managed to snaffle some Misti Alpaca Lace on sale here too!

The Purple Purl – What a lovely store – the staff are absolutely hilarious and a conversation about Jenny Kee ensued once it came out i was australian. I was also given a free copy of the stores charity calender… yarn and naked people – awesome! I finally succumbed to the temptation of mooi here – it had been following me around the continent. although the temptation of vicuna was also great!!

I only went to four yarn stores in montreal, one of which was very disappointing, but i still managed to do my fair share of purchasing!

Mouline – This store is packed to the rafters with yarn! rowan, handmaiden, fleece artist plus  a whole range of local indie sock yarns. The staff are friendly and i had a great chat with some customers too. It’s a bit dark, but the range makes up for it.

Tricoteuse a laine – this was a very disappointing shop. I’m sure it would be great if i lived in the city and were looking for larger projects but there wasn’t much in the way of ‘treat’ yarn – sock yarn, lace weight etc. They did have a great rowan collection though!

Effiloche – now this is a store to die for. Comfy couches, massive range, workstations for classes etc and very friendly staff. pretty much the complete handmaiden and fleece artist range, plus a whole pile of international yarns and local indie dyed and spun yarns. Cotton, wool, cashmere, linen.. all sorts! I spent about two hours here playing with bison and muskox…

Tricot Quartier – This is a bit out of the way, but like a lot of out of the way yarn stores, took me to a lovely area of the city i might not have gone to otherwise. Not the biggest range, but again, lovely staff. very friendly. This is more of a workhorse yarn store – berroco, cascade etc.

1. socks that rock lightweight!, 2. louet mooi bison blend laceweight, 3. 4ply cashmere, 4. classic elite alpaca sox, 5. indigo moon handdyed sock yarn, 6. misti alpaca handpainted lace, 7. tanis fiber arts sock yarn, 8. be sweet bamboo, 9. americo dehaired baby llama, 10. suri blue, 11. americo pima cotton, 12. handmaiden casbah, 13. arequipa alpaca sock yarn, 14. biscotte et cie self striping sock yarn, 15. handmaiden sea silk, 16. hemp for knitting dk

I am desperately searching for a pattern for the mooi that will do it justice – some sort of cowl or scarf.

The Bamboo is currently being transformed into a Ms Marigold. I wouldn’t have thought of that, but they had one knitted up in the EXACT colour i wanted and i couldn’t resist! the colour is amazing…

the Casbah sock yarn was transformed whilst i trained my way around Europe into a pair of Nutkin socks.

I’m also looking for ideas for the suri blue and seasilk – I’m sure something will pop up!



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