the onslaught begins…

apart from finishing my Ms Marigold vest (photos SOOOOOOON!) which i LOVE I have been working pretty steadily on presents – but so far only one xmas present!

present 1. I have knitted a sweet little headband for my cousin’s 6th birthday out of the left over handspun yarn from my firestarter socks. I hope to get photos of Erica in it the week after her bday! so you might have to hang out a while for that one.

present 2. My mother is undergoing a preventative round of chemo (she does NOT have cancer it’s ok – she had a lump removed earlier in the year) and is losing her hair (boo) so I knitted her a beret in wool cotton since i thought it might be a nice fabric for summer. She says it’s far cooler than the cotton turban she bought and she LOVES it. The colour is great and she wants another one! *sigh*

It’s knitted in Mirasol Cotonani and i have to say it was delicious to knit with… actually nicer than the rowan wool cotton I did the next item in. I usually love rowan, but the cotonani was softer and the cotton didn’t pill out of the yarn the way it did in the rowan wool cotton.

present 3. Cabled fingerless gloves for Dad for christmas. Mum says dad has been complaining of cold hands when he has to drive in the morning/late evenings in winter. which is great, cos he usually doesn’t complain about the cold! The pattern was for full gloves but since he will wear them for driving I made them fingerless. I have enough yarn that if he goes, nope I won’t wear fingerles I can rip the fingers back and do full fingers instead. The cable pattern is quite sweet and the yarn looks nice – almost tweedy. I had a booboo with the first cuff, ended up ripping the cast on seam, unpicking the ribbing, picking up the cuff and ribbing down instead. Ok, so now what to do with the second cuff since ribbing from picked up stitches looks different… well I did a temporary cast on, knit the cuff then picked up and knit the glove 🙂 Quite proud of my solution really and they look the same!

present 4. A wedding present for two of my friends who are (finally) tying the knot in three weeks. Yup, that means i have 3 weeks to knit this unnamed object (just in case they read it!) It’s in lovely earthy colours and it’s something for the home. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to finish it by the 12th.

I also have the yarn for something for marm, papa, mum and es and saj for xmas and ideas for things for my other friends. I also have been given my 17 year old cousin for our stupid kris kringle thing (I really hate this idea, but love that i have my cousin) So the question is, do i knit her something totally awesome (a shrug? hat?  despite her being tiny, i won’t have time for a jumper or shirt… I knitted her twee gloves last year and she LOVED them) or do I get her a $50 westfield voucher and take her shopping since she loves going shopping with me? I like the idea of making presents for people, but I also know that she really loves shopping with me and the things i pick out for her or make her try on (seriously, she’s model sized). any thoughts? She’s moving from perth to adelaide too next year, so winter woolies might come in a bit more useful than in the past…

i love knitting for presents, but looks like knitting for me might be on hold for a while!

Also i miss my spinning wheel 😦 but it does mean more knitting time!


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