My Love affair with Mrs Beeton

I have this love affair with Mrs Beeton. Mainly because she is quick, pretty and just complicated enough to be interesting.

Mrs Beeton is the first pattern i ever looked at on My friend who crochets but does not knit showed them to me with that lustful pleading manner with which non-knitters show knitters patterns in the hope they just might have them knit for them. It is a pattern that i have been thinking about doing since that day, about four years ago, but have only just gotten round to.

Having knit Ghost in Kidsilk Haze, I had a little bit of Kidsilk Haze in Trance left (the balls were longer than those of the colour i paired it with – odd) and whilst in New York, I though to myself. AHA I should finally get some yarn to do Mrs Beeton! So I picked out some beautiful Malabrigo silky merino in grey-green (It’s more of a grey blue green really). But being me and realising that Mrs Bs are a perfect project for souvenir yarn, I also picked up some Alchemy Haiku and some Road to China Light from the Fibre Company (omg one of my most favourite yarns ever now) to do a raspberry coloured pair!

So when I arrived back in Aus, I finally thread the gazillion beads and cast on for the raspberry pair. in all honesty they are not that bead intensive and the longtail cast on makes beading the edge very easy.  I had them done within two days (I used the beaded edging on both ruffles since I didn’t have bigger beads for the mohair ruffle). And when they were finished I LOVED them and wanted to wear them, but they are EXTREMELY warm and I got sweaty wrists so i will have to wait until autumn.

But, having now knit a pair i realised they would be a great christmas present for the friend who originally showed me the pattern. And since it is very easy to get two pairs from one ball of each yarn, I decided that green would suit both her and another friend in canada who has been begging for some pretty things having gotten a bow tie scarf from me last year. It was actually quite hard pairing greens, but i ended up going for a plain apple green and a lovely soft green tweed with cream and blue flecks from Jo Sharp. I decided to use blue beads to pick up the fleck in the tweed and I was really uncertain as to how it would look until i knitted them up. and they look awesome! see?

With my other pair (for me, the kidsilk haze pair) the hard part was finding beads. I didn’t want to go completely clear, but it was almost impossible to match the greyey greeny blue of both the kidsilk and the malabrigo. Eventually i decided on some almost clear seed beads with a bluish centre and clear crystal bicones. Again, I LOVE THESE! two day knit and super cute. If only i could wear them now!!

So In total I have now completed four pairs of Mrs Beeton cuffs, within two months! three since christmas. My favourite part of the pattern? this part right here, where you join the ruffles together.

I highly recommend this pattern, especially to use up 8 ply luxury yarn and laceweight mohair. I reckon it takes between 5 and 10 grams of mohair and 25g of dk. I also found i needed to use the smaller needles for the cuff rather than the larger needles, but i have small wrists. In short? Knit them. And I dare you to stop at just one pair.


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  1. I started a pair of these for my friend, about three years ago. I know I finished one, and I got half way through the second but I can’t for the life of me remember why I didn’t finish the second one off.

    I’m making a shawl for that same friend out of some Jenny Cook laceweight kid mohair (a similar colour to your green mohair too) which apparently knits up the same as kidsilk haze, so maybe I’ll make her a pair with a remnant of the mohair at the end. A matching set!

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