My New Toy!

I got home tonight after a lovely day with my friend penelope waits and an evening at the richmond knitter’s night and discovered something to make my day even MORE awesome!

and inside this ashford box were a whole pile of pieces, which, two hours and a WHOLE lotta sweat later (It’s 40+ degrees here in melbourne today) I have this!

I managed to do it all myself, with a little help from my housemate’s 5 year old daughter, but i busted the tack that goes under the tension knob whilst trying to hammer it in, so i will get a new one tomorrow. a regular thumb tack should do as long as i can get it in without bending the pin. It’s just to stop the tension knob screwing into the soft wood. Other than that i think i have done an excellent job even if i do say so myself. My screws are flush (my grandfather would be proud) my pieces are all straight and lined up.

Now to decide what to spin tomorrow night when the cool change hits! I have some fibre combinations i’ve been eyeing off for a while, but i also have some fibre from a new enabler… hmmm, decision time!


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