Ravelympics 2010

For the first time i will be taking part in the ravelry phenomenon which is ravelympics 2010. The basic idea is that one casts on during the opening ceremony of the olympic games (which occurred at 12.30pm yesterday local time)  and keep on knitting (or crocheting, spinning or weaving) until the closing ceremony, which will occur on Feb 28th (March 1st here)

I had a few projects lined up and in order to cast on, I needed to clear some needles – so last week I finished off a couple of projects  – My unpronounceable but totally gorgeous Pomatomus socks and my Summer in Vienna wrap

These were knit in the very first Sock Club yarn i ever got – A beautiful squooshy merino from Jolly Jumbuck (called Hurcules) in a special colourway – Mermaid’s Lair. I had picked out this pattern for this yarn ages ago and ummed and ahhed about it, but I finally did it and i LOVE them!

The wrap was a souvenir knit – I picked up the pattern (aptly named Summer in Vienna) when I bought the yarn at Americo Original in Toronto. It’s a pretty easy knit – the biggest issue is the 9mm needles and keeping the rib right 🙂 and it’s a pretty effective result. The original was knit in a smooth pima cotton, but i chose to use the thick and thin for even more texture. It can scrunch up for a scarf or drape out to cover the shoulders as a wrap.

So, with those finished, I wound some yarn, did some swatching (ok I didn’t but lets pretend i did) ready to cast on the Tapisserie Mitts from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves, which are a fair isle gauntlet style, and the Falling Water scarf which I plan to knit in some of my most luxurious handspun ever.

At this rate I’ll finish the mitts by Tuesday at the latest. The scarf will be a good ongoing travelling project. I’m also planning on working on the Origami Bolero from Jo Sharp later in the month and I want to spin some Falkland (it’s one of the studies in the Spinner’s Study group on Rav for Feb) and maybe weave something too!