Finished Object Photos!

2 FOs in 2 days!

On Sunday i went to the Red Wren’s for her semi-regular crafting day and took along my incomplete Beignet skirt, with the aim of finishing it! I unpicked the seams on Saturday night and picked up some more thread and some extra self-covering buttons (I managed to lose one along the way) and sat myself down at Ren’s sewing machine. AND FINISH IT I DID! it was relatively problem free, and all i need to do is  just secure the ends of some of the button holes (her automatic button hole thinger made them wider than i’d like) and if i want to, handsew on the belt loops for the fabric belt. I’m not sure about this yet. seems like more work for extra bulk?

ANYWAY the moment you have been waiting for – PHOTOSES!

you’ll have to forgive the goofy grin, i was quite excited!

On Monday night I had our knitting group in Richmond and I finished the pattern part of my second Leyburn sock in spiffy Socks that Rock – this meant, 2 episodes of My Family later, i had a finished pair! I washed them and popped them on my new sock blockers (PINK!) to dry 🙂 The yarn was one of my souvenir purchases – bought at Lettuce Knit in Toronto. The colourway is Bejewelled. I can’t quite get the colours right in a photo unfortunately, but they’re pretty. And for the first time, I almost used a whole ball of sock yarn – only have a few metres left!

The Winter of the Jumper*

Given that the last few garments i’ve knitted have been more jacket-y/outerwear-y type things – see my origami bolero, my kid silk haze wrap/cardigan (which I’ve been meaning to post about!!), my one button jacket and my cherish bolero – I have decided that, given i have a lot of sewn coats as well, what i really want to make this winter are JUMPERS! nice, warm, snuggly jumpers that actually fit, are long enough, have nice neck lines, in gorgeous fibre that i LOVE.

So, with this in mind, I have bought the yarn to make Fay and Prudence by Kim Hargreaves.

For Fay I’ve chosen a beautiful purple (called Damson) in the most luscious Pear Tree Superfine Merino 4ply. huzzah for work discounts. It is almost cashmere like this yarn! I’m REALLY hoping my boss continues to stock it as it’s just wonderful. I like Fay because of the interesting stitch pattern, the little button details and the scoop neck – very flattering on my shape!

For Prudence I’ve gone my signature teal, ordering a darkish shade in Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk. NOM NOM NOM. This pattern was originally designed for bamboo soft – a gorgeous yarn to look at and touch, but by all accounts a BITCH to knit with and it drops so drastically that it can grow up to 3 or 4 sizes! I got the idea of substituting alpaca silk from the lovely mooncalf at make do and mend, who has very similar tastes to me :). In theory it should work, since the alpaca will have drape (though without the ‘growth’ of the bamboo) and the silk will have shine :). Prudence has a great boatneck (the kind that actually suits since it really shows off my collarbones) and is nice and drapey for days when i want a more comfy look. also lookit the adorable sleeves!

I also already have the yarn for this intarsia pullover from Jo Sharp. I’ve loved this since i bought the book since it’s such a challenging, old fashioned form of knitting (and birds are so in right now – pity it’s not owls lol) BUT, i would definitely have to scoop the neck a little more. I might even look at changing it to a v-neck. If I really decide it’s just not going to suit, I can always resell the yarn as a sort of ‘kit’ for the large size! Lol.

I also have 10 balls of Rowan Alpaca Cotton in black . I toyed with doing Emily in it, but i think i want to do that in either the original yarn, or something with a touch of silk in it and i’m pretty sure i want to do it in colour. Instead I like the idea of doing Thea in this, since it’s an outerwear type garment, which black always suits and the alpaca cotton should have a nice feel for this. hopefully it won’t drop too much!

I think that’s a good start for jumper and cardi plans (although I also have the yarn to do this just lying around waiting for me to learn stranded knitting – now accomplished), plus i’ve got a mountain of sock yarn to work through, some plans for some lace work, including working with some of my handspun, present knitting and of course far too many other things i want to get done! bah! can anyone say ‘high expectations’?

*A jumper in Australia is a sweater/pullover.

Ravelympics Round Up

So The Winter Olympics ended at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon on the 1st of March here in Aus, but just to keep things neat, I aimed to finish all my projects by the evening of the 28th, ready to cast on anew in March.

And I did!

I ended up creating four knitted projects, and despite toying with the idea, and even spinning for a few hours, I decided that spinning and weaving were not going to enter into the competition this year.

And so I present, my medal winning items…

Silver Swirls (previously mentioned)

The first of these i completed in a day, the second took me about three days (but i was knitting other things as well!)Knit in Carmen from Bremont, which I picked up in Austria. I have about half of each ball left, which leaves me with 1.5 balls or blue and .5 of silver… what to do with them? The pattern is from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves. Pretty no?

Events: Nordic Colourwork Combined and Mitten Moguls

Falling Berries Scarf (previously mentioned)

This is only the third project I have knit with handspun, and whilst it was the second thing cast on for Ravelympics 2010, it was the second to last thing finished. (you’ll see why in a moment). It was my ‘constant’ travelling project and took me from day 2 to day 17 of the olympics! Knitting with this handspun – cashmere, alpaca and silk – was the most luxurious and indulgent thing I’ve ever done. It was heaven from first stitch to last. and I cannot WAIT til it is cool enough to snuggle my face up in this! (I had to watch everyone at the knitters group on monday to make sure it wasn’t secretly stowed in a bag!)

Events: Scarf Super-G, Single Skein Speed Skate, Lace Luge

Knitting the Blues Origami Bolero

First let me apologise for a crappy (and from behind!) picture. Unfortunately i can’t check the focus on timed photos! Maybe I’ll get a better shot of this when i take it into work tomorrow? It is Jo Sharp’s Origami bolero, one of the most interesting pieces of knitting i’ve seen and also one of the most frustrating patterns to help people with as a LYS worker! Having now KNIT it, it will be much easier to help people decide on a size and on colours. I am REALLY REALLY happy with my colour combination 🙂 It took 7 days TOTAL knitting, including sewing up. I’m REALLY proud of that achievement, and it looks lovely. BOTH ways up! (I will honestly try to get more/better photos)

Events: Sweaterboard Cross and Nordic Colourwork Combined (a bit of a push, but for all that knitting it deserved 2 categories)

and last (and least, to be honest)

A trivet for a special swapper…

Having finished the scarf on Sunday afternoon, I took advantage of my need to make something for a swap i’m participating in to create something in the last few hours of the 28th. This adorable little pattern takes one ball of 10ply/aran/worsted and about 2 hours (if you don’t keep screwing up the last row like i did, in which case it takes 3). I’ve knit it twice now (see Marmie’s xmas present!) and it pretty much takes the same time as a feature film. convenient!

Events: Platter Lift, Single Skein Speed Skate (and if i’d had my head in the game I could have put it in Lace Luge too, but i can’t be bothered now)

So what now for our intrepid crafter?

well, I have a skein of sock yarn to finish spinning now that i’ve started it  – though to be honest, I might just finish the single i’m working on for now, so I can spin some of the delicious BATTS I’ve got from Ixchel and Corgi Hill Farms as part of the spin-along at Spinner Central.

I also want to do some more weaving – it’s been about 3 weeks now.

I have cast on a pair of socks (Leyburn in Socks That Rock Lightweight!) and a shrug/bolero (Gossamer from Kidsilk Dream in Kidsilk Spray.

And of course I have to MOVE IN TO MY NEW APARTMENT in just under three weeks! squeee.


*maniacal laughter*