Finished Object Photos!

2 FOs in 2 days!

On Sunday i went to the Red Wren’s for her semi-regular crafting day and took along my incomplete Beignet skirt, with the aim of finishing it! I unpicked the seams on Saturday night and picked up some more thread and some extra self-covering buttons (I managed to lose one along the way) and sat myself down at Ren’s sewing machine. AND FINISH IT I DID! it was relatively problem free, and all i need to do is  just secure the ends of some of the button holes (her automatic button hole thinger made them wider than i’d like) and if i want to, handsew on the belt loops for the fabric belt. I’m not sure about this yet. seems like more work for extra bulk?

ANYWAY the moment you have been waiting for – PHOTOSES!

you’ll have to forgive the goofy grin, i was quite excited!

On Monday night I had our knitting group in Richmond and I finished the pattern part of my second Leyburn sock in spiffy Socks that Rock – this meant, 2 episodes of My Family later, i had a finished pair! I washed them and popped them on my new sock blockers (PINK!) to dry 🙂 The yarn was one of my souvenir purchases – bought at Lettuce Knit in Toronto. The colourway is Bejewelled. I can’t quite get the colours right in a photo unfortunately, but they’re pretty. And for the first time, I almost used a whole ball of sock yarn – only have a few metres left!


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