The best laid plans… are made at 3am.

A little while ago, one of my absolute besties, vintagenettles and i were chatting on ichat in the wee hours, when she had a brainwave.

“Let’s do a swap where we make each other squares and send them to each other.”

I agreed that this was indeed and awesome idea, and we laid out a few groundrule: Each square is to be approximately 20x20cm, all forms of fibre craftiness are game (sewn, woven, crocheted or knitted), we would send them each month and eventually sew them together and back them with something pretty. They may only end up being pillows or lapblankets, but they will be made of love 🙂

the final piece of the puzzle was asking miss penelope-waits to be an unbiased theme setter 🙂 And obligingly she agreed and has so far given us two themes…

The squares:

Theme #1 Ring-ring-a-rosies

I used the intarsia pattern from a Rowan pattern – it’s designed to sit across the bust with a rose either side – and I worked it in Heirloom Easy care because, let’s face it, it’s cheap and this took 8 colours! That being said, it’s a really nice yarn to work with and i will probably use it for children’s clothes or similar at some point! softened up a lot! I blocked it out and it’s slightly larger than 20×20 but that’s what seams are for! It also appeared on The Circle!!! you can watch our knitting group on TV here (see how i just slipped that in?)

Theme #2 “Don’t be afraid of the light that shines within you” – Luka Bloom

This theme was to use the lyrics of the luka bloom song as inspiration. this an absolutely beautiful song and the imagery is full of dark purples and midnight colours and the idea of the soul shining through it. I found this adorable crochet motif and used some slightly shiny white yarn, the grey mohair with a strand of metallic embroidery thread and edged it in inca lite 8ply which is a marled grey, blue and purple!

so this is the best friend square swap so far… watch this space as the adventure continues!

almost instant gratification

One of the reasons I love weaving (and to a lesser extent, spinning) is because i can start a project and have it finished the same day. At the moment I have 4 active knitting projects and 2 crochet projects, most of which are long term endeavours. The Fay jumper is coming along slowly but surely, whilst I’m whipping through Mary Jane, a short sleeved scoop neck top in cotton cashmere. I’ve finally succumbed and am working on a Clapotis, which is my ‘travelling’ project whilst my Kid Silk Haze Gossamer shrug has floudered somewhat. Meanwhile I have ALMOST finished my granny square blanket (only ends to sew in now!!) and I have a long term motif silk scarf that is hiding in my room somewhere.

But the other night I picked up the matching Ixchel fibres I picked up when i was at Charly‘s Ixchel spin-in and warped the loom whilst waiting for the dinner to roast. After dinner i set to weaving and by 10pm I had my new favourite scarf.

I absolutely LOVE the colours and the two yarns are made of love – BFL and Angora sock yarn for the warp and Angora and Suri Alpaca for the weft, both dyed in purples, plums and reds. The colours remind me of the Blood Plum and Rhubarb Linzer Torte I often get at HausFrau in Yarraville and so it has been named the Blood Plum Scarf. The only downside is i don;t have as many things as I thought that go with it in my wardrobe! Obviously it goes with black and grey and white, and I have one grey purple top that looks good with it, but clearly i need to buy some more rich red and plum coloured tops this winter!