Advice please…

There’s going to be a few posts over the next few days – isn’t that exciting?

first things first… I’m trying to make a decision.

I bought this awesome fabric on special (just at spotlight, but isn’t it so me). It’s a jersey knit kind of fabric (pretty sure it’s just polyester, but it has a lovely drape) and i know i want to make a dress with a sort of 70s-ish feel to it but i can’t find the right one!

I have these two in my collection (i’ve made the one on the right before and it’s an ok pattern – very drapey and has once or twice been accused of being a dressing gown!!). I would need to make a larger size than last time though and it may not suit as well now.

The one on the left i can’t say too much about except i like the style and it doesn’t seem to complicated. I would be looking at doing the highlighted version.

Online I’ve found a few more possibilities…

1) 2)

3) 4)

They’re all available as immediate downloads from or as paper patterns (except no. 2) which i’ve found reputable in the past… but i just CAN’T DECIDE!!! what do you all think? I’m leaning towards no. 1 from i think, but would love your weigh ins!


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  1. No. 1 from sewingpatterns with a half/elbow sleeve (shorter than option b, should be easy to shorten the paper pattern). *nod* Whilst I love the two paper patterns you list first, I think the fitted sleeve will be less “dressing-gowny”. 🙂

    • good thought- i think you’re right about the sleeves, which is why i thought either fitted or pinched in at the bottom (for that late 70s look) and i think that pattern has a nice fullness in it.

  2. I like No 1 from sewing patterns mainly because a) my sister has it, so I was already won over
    b) it has quite a thick sash which is flattering. You could do the sash in a solid which would look awesome!

    • ooh good to know, since your sis is also curvaceous!
      i was thinking about a solid colour contrast, but not sure what to go with! also sometimes finding the right colour in the same type of material is really hard.
      i have some great pink and grey check in a kind of sweatshirt material and really want to do a contrast colour with it, but can’t find anything in the same type of fabric!

  3. Number 1 is my favourite, I think it’s a great dress to wear on its own or with a long sleeved top underneath (polo neck for proper 70’s style). Also needs a crochet long-line coat for that real 70’s feel.

  4. i want to know if i can upsize the black and white check dress in the first pattern

    but um, i have no idea what to do for YOU
    i’m so helpful 😀

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