Just when you thought 2010 was over and done with…

you get a knitting retrospective!

These are just MOST of the knitted FOs from 2010, not, i’m afraid, all.

A year of knitting...

1. gregsmitts01, 2. noro mitts3, 3. fliptops for Kate, 4. papa’s socks3, 5. buttony mitts, 6. cotton hat2, 7. owls vest, 8. susie’s mitts, 9. summer in vienna, 10. avast hems, 11. jaywalkers finished, 12. bff socks, 13. mary jane wip cu, 14. hezda hat 1, 15. mermaid pomatomuses, 16. dad’s hat3, 17. quilted socks that rock, 18. handspun scarf of smoosh, 19. Hooded scarf, 20. swap trivet, 21. peacock top1, 22. clapotis, 23. mitts and binka, 24. Origami Bolero in blues, 25. bathroom set , 26. silver swirl tapisseries, 27. baby cardi for jackson, 28. silk scarf1, 29. inara and her teeny socks, 30. my meret beret

I’m really really happy with my knits this year – only two disappointments, and unfortunately they’re both quite big projects! dad’s jacket, as we’ve mentioned, turned out too big for him, but should fit my uncle and my mary jane is a smidge big for me. I still wear it, but my housemate says i’ve already lost a bit of weight since i finished it, so it won’t fit me for long at this rate (gym and other changes mean i should drop a bit more). I do love it so and i have a friend waiting and wanting to take it off my hands if worst comes to worst (and it REALLY suits her!!)

there were lots of socks in 2010, though there will be more in 2011 (!) and a lot of baby knits, and again, there will be more arrivals, and thus more tine adorable things, in 2011! Mitts featured heavily as always for me! Probably about 35 – 40% of my crafting was for other people, so i’m not actually as selfish a knitter as i think i am! I do tend to reserve long term projects for myself though.

And of course 2010 was the year i took up weaving…

Weaving 2010

1. first time weaving, 2. variegated blue weave, 3. woven bamboo scarf with knotted fringe, 4. noro weave, 5. Twin Tweed woven scarf, 6. houndstooth scarf, 7. marmie’s woven scarf, 8. Blood Plum Scarf, 9. Jet woven scarf, 10. mels scarf2, 11. angora weave scarf, 12. cotton scarf1

There’s one major woven scarf missing – the one i gave my cousin for christmas – and a few little trial projects like the woven coasters, and the scarf that got felted and turned into coasters! But mostly that’s 2010 in weaving – and no, it’s not the same scarf twice… well it is, but two different versions of the same warp/weft combination. i have one and a friend bought the other. I really enjoy weaving and i will definitely keep up with it. and yes, Katie, I will get to our piano runner very soon now chrissy presents are done!!

What was your favourite knit/project of 2010? what will you wear the most? would love to see links to photos or blogposts!


Also, thanks kindly to my lovely nett for some of the photos you see here 🙂


Sock Clubs…

Happy New Year Everyone!

Can’t believe it’s taken me til this late in the day to remember that i can open up my first self imposed sock club parcel for January. taking a leaf from the Yarn Harlot’s book, I have put together 12 yarns with 12 patterns to make 12 socks, one per month. I have wrapped them all in tissue paper so i don’t know which is which and i picked one out before i came to adelaide for christmas so i could open it today…

and the first combination is…

Esther* in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight (longest yarn name ever?) in Blue Moonstone


Speaking of sock clubs and BMFA – I am almost certainly going to get myself an early birthday present in a few days time and sign myself up for the Rockin Sock Club 2011. I really love their colours yarns and, most importantly, the exclusive club designs i’ve seen. (well in the past anyway!) plus sock clubs are just plain fun!!

The last few months I’ve been taking part in the sKnitches Cinema Sock Yarn Club There’s one installment left which should arrive just after i get back to melbourne! It’s been really fun, and so far only one yarn has been really  not me, and as meatloaf says, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad! I don’t have a photo of the third installment yet – Ikea Boy, based on Fight Club, complete with FIGHT CLUB SOAP!!!!! ikea tapemeasure and pencil :), but here are photos of the first two

Wanda – A Fish Called Wanda\

At first i didn’t like this, because of the orange, but it’s grown on me a lot and it’s soooo beautiful to touch, with a seacell component. It’s made it into my sock a month selection 🙂

7 Days – The Ring

I couldn’t believe how perfect this was when i pulled it out and unwrapped it! It’s self striping and i will totes make socks to wear to the footy out of this (I go for Port Adelaide and their colours are pretty much what you see here…) I might even make vanilla socks since i love the yarn sooooo much i wouldn’t even get bored!

As I mentioned the third installment was Ikea Boy and it is, indeed the colours of Ikea -which is actually quite impressive. This might go up for destash at some point unless i think of a project/present it would be right for.

Anyway, hope you’ve all recovered from NYE and i wish you all a happy, yarn filled 2011!

*ravelry link