Birthdays! I had one! I am now 30. I’m quite looking forward to my thirties to be honest. I’m hoping for at least a little improvement on my late twenties.

Some of my friends really caught on to just how much i like yarn this year. I’m very impressed, pleased and excited by a few of my presents!

my darling nett and greg got me Ixchel’s sock club. And Charly, as always, has been a star, sending the first shipment to them so they could give it to me in person and the rest here to me, all with a happy birthday message! Not to mention that I’m pretty sure charly had me in mind when dyeing the first installment. TOTALLY my colours! Also, zen seaweed bunny! fun times!

And then, a whole group of my adelaide besties got together to get me a totally awesome gift voucher to the totally awesome Eat Sleep Knit, a store i have always admired and spent hours in (virtually) but never bought from, for the totally awesome sum of $100!!! The only problem now is deciding what to get!

I also finally spent (most of) my Twist Collective voucher that was part of my REALLY REALLY awesome christmas present from nett and greg

The SQUEAK has a number on the back of it that correlated to my Twist Collective voucher for a cool $40! So I got Farinelli, Sylvi, Dulce de Leche, Sottopassagio and Kiloran. I couldn’t decide on what i wanted to spend the last $7, so i’ll mull it over for a bit. I thought i might use my ESK voucher to grab a garment’s worth, maybe one of my newly acquired patterns but i JUST DON’T KNOW! Spent all last night looking through the pages and pages of pretties and need a little break! When I decide, I’ll let you know!

(TBH, that is one of the problems of having an impulse purchases stash which included sweater quantities of yarn… It’s hard to pick a project on the spot, because there’s already  409867024672 others in my house waiting to be made!)

It was also the birthday of my darling cousin Jade, 4 days before mine. She is the most understanding 10 year old in the world and was completely fine when i told her that her present would be a little late because i was still making it. You may remember her sister got a hand-knitted cardi for HER birthday, so she was expecting something awesome.

Well, this crocheted tunic is from the same book – the rowan story book of knits (except this isn’t knitted!). I ended up doing the 7/8 size with the 9/10 length, since a) Jade is very slim and b) despite getting gauge this is very wide. I took the armholes in a LOT more than they suggested (about 5 stitches either side) and it’s still a bit wide for her around her chest, but at least that means she’ll get years of wear out of it!

The colour is a little duskier than this, and please forgive the ends, but needed to grab a photo before i went to see her! I really like the shape and look of this pattern, but i think it’s flawed. next time i would definitely shape the armholes even more and make them not as deep.  (well, for jade anyway! she’s tiny!). Actually I’d quite like this as an adult pattern and i loved the lace


Socks, Socks and More Socks *RSC spoilers*

no, RSC sadly does not stand for Royal Shakespeare company, but for Rockin Sock Club. I did indeed buy myself an early birthday present and the first installment HAS ARRIVED! huzzah, but more on that in a moment…

Firstly to my January Sock-a-month Sock – Esther in Blue Moonstone, affectionately named Moonflowers.

I cast off on the 31st (well it was still the 31st in some parts of the country) and blocked them today. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I decided to do the larger of the two sizes but could probably have done the smaller size as it turns out, but still nice to have a sock i don’t have to struggle to get over my heel. I was REALLY worried about running out of yarn as i finished the first sock but according to weight i have enough and i have about 8 grams left *phew*

Any one in Melbourne today will realise that there was no natural light available pretty much all day, so the colour isn’t quite true, but close

I freaking love this yarn too. It’s the second time i’ve knitted with the lightweight and have also worked with the heavyweight, but socks that rock, really do… ROCK!

Unfortunately the same can’t be said of Zauberball. I started a pair of socks with the teal and black just before christmas, so i would have a pair to wear to the footy this year (my team is teal, black and white) I did Sam by Cookie A which has a zig zagging travelling cable on it. Now, I don’t cable with a cable needle, especially when it’s lots of little two stitch cables. but this yarn was HORRID for cabling with. mostly because it was a single on 2.25mm, but bah, time again and i would not match this yarn with a cable pattern. In fact, i was so disappointed with the yarn i’m swapping one of my other sock-a-months which was going to be zauberball for something else. Look, the yarn isn’t terrible and i think i might want to do a shawl with the other colourway i have of it, but just have to think a bit more carefully about what i do in it, and not as nice as i thought it might be with all the hype. It has come up softer after a wash though!

One more FO to show off before we get to the juicy stuff.

the Richmond Knitters have monthly (optional) KALs and January was Swallowtail, a shawl i’d been wanting to do in this handspun for AGES…

Angorino plied with CamelBunny Silk from Ixchel

So i did. I’m afraid it’s really hard to photograph on ones own, though if it’s cold tomorrow i will wear it to my Melbourne birthday drinks and get someone to take a picture. but this is more or less what it looks like and i love it. I did a full repeat of the lily of the valley section for size. had to fudge the edge lace work a bit, but it looks good in the end!


but on to the real item… the first installment of the Rockin Sock Club. Now i assume that if you have read this far down the page you are happy to view the photos so i am not putting them behind cuts… You’ve been warned!





I won’t take flack about showing off photos when it clearly says spoilers in the heading!



Here are the TWO, that’s right, TWO colours that make up the first installment. Aubergenius paired with Pinkie Swear designed to go together for beautiful colourwork!

Aubergenius is very hard to photograph. At first i thought it was brown, but it’s actually a very earthy purple. Just beautiful. Pinkie Swear is lovely given it has pretty much every colour i don’t like in it! I love the blue though, so maybe that makes it all better? Together they are beautifully autumnal and the two patterns make great use of them! I’m actually going to do one of the patterns in these, because i’ve never seen such beautifully twinned yarn! BUT who am i going to give these autumnal socks to? we’ll have to see (no seriously, I have no idea.)

The two patterns are both stranded knitting, one with a cute image of birdies and ‘BFF’ around the cuff, the other incorporating cabled circles into lovely squishy boot socks. The designers are Mary Scott Huff (Distelfink) and Lucy Neatby (Social Network) and they’ve both done an amazing job. I really like distelfink, but i think i want to do it at some point in two semisolids, as i feel the pattern gets a bit lost in the variegated yarn, so i plan to do Social Network in these two yarns at some point.

I very much enjoyed my first installment even if it was very un-jen! It’s really fun to feel a part of something!

And the inside of my ball band? Wallace and Gromit 😀