Babies Galore!

So the thing about being 30 is that most of the people i know are either getting married, having babies or planning ways of moving closer to doing one of the above.

This year (so far) has seen three babies on the horizon. My cousin, for whom i knitted the little cabled slip over is due ANY MINUTE NOW! I am planning on making debbie bliss’s bunny to go with the slipover, but will maybe give it to them in person in September since the US apparently don’t want anyone to send them mail ever now.

The other two babies have both had gender determined (though i won’t specifically say what just in case… though you can probably work it out)

I started this little project with one recipient in mind, but changed my mind halfway through. I am now working on matching items.

Sideways ribbed baby jacket in Adorn Silky Cashmerino 4ply

(thanks nett for the awesome photo)

Baby clothes are so much fun to knit – they are super fast and are totally worth luxurious (machine washable) yarns. This was under 2 balls!

I’m working on a DK weight jacket now for the other baby. I started Friday and have already finished the back and fronts. One and a half sleeves to go, then seaming and then bands. I would finish this weekend except that i can’t find a decent sewing up needle here (at my parents) so might have to wait til i get back to Melbourne.

I do have another project with me of course, something for me in ARAN weight because i am totally SICK of 4 ply. between baby clothes, socks and my Fay (in Pear Tree 4 ply) I needed something a bit quicker to work on, so I am doing Emily from Kim Hargreaves in Rowan Alpaca Cotton. Not the combination i originally intended (though I contemplated it) but i just wanted to knit something-not-4ply. I have also bought the Rowan Cocoon to do Stockport from Rowan 46. Yay for a bulky knit !


5 responses

  1. ooh I have wanted to knit stockport since that mag came out, look forward to seeing what colour you are using and how it turns out.

  2. I wish I could knit like you! Mum gave me some booties she’d knitted the other day and I thought maybe I should start on booties. In a big size to give me plenty of time.. perhaps a man’s size 10 :p

  3. OOh Emily looks lovely and will be beautiful in the Alpaca Cotton, what colour are you using?
    And Stockport, lordy that will look will lovely on, again what colour will you be using and will you be doing the cables with or without a cable needle?

    • The Alpaca cotton is the black marle. I bought it when it was new in Jenners in Edinburgh. It’s nice because it’s black (goes with everything) but is softened by the marle.
      The stockport is in seascape. I always knew i’d have to do SOMETHING in that colourway ❤
      And generally I don’t use a cable needle.
      Was thinking about doing a workshop in that at the Knit Camp in Daylesford in June.

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