Inspired by a Yorkshire Lass

My darling mel has just blogged about her knitterly beginnings and she has inspired me to do the same.

People ask me when i took up knitting… I learnt to knit as a little girl and i mean learnt to KNIT, as in, I had no idea how to cast on, bind off or even purl! I have memories of getting mum to do ‘the beginning bit’ and then working away on stitches while she knit pretty awesome (if 80statstic) jumpers. I don’t know that i ever got to the ‘ending bit’… short attention span! But it wasn’t something i stuck with (nor did i ever finish the french-knitted rug i was going to make from mum’s leftovers…)

So fastforward to 2005 and I have finished my universtity course and am about to move to melbourne. This means two things – i’m not doing creative things everyday any more and i’m facing a lot of bus trips… I started sewing and got my own sewing machine to take with me, but that isn’t exactly portable. Also melbourne is cold! So mum and i picked up some GAWDAWFUL feathers (it was 2005!) and needles from spotty’s or kmart or some such and a little ‘how to knit’ pamphlet and between mum and the leaflet i was knitting in no time. and this time i was purling too! I must say as awful as feathers yarn is, it does hide imperfections!

I got right into, as i do with most things, and made mostly scarves, dyed my own yarn in the attempt to make a cardi (that has never been made – epic fail was epic) and discovered mitts (love mitts). My dearest Sajee was also knitting a bit at the time and had bought some lovely books and she inspired me to buy Stitch n Bitch. I must say, that book is like a gateway drug. If anyone here has seen my knitterly library they will know that i am more or less addicted to knitting books. The great thing about Stitch N Bitch for a beginner though is that it is a great reference book as well as having some cool (and some hideous!) patterns.

I discovered the wool baa one day – i don’t even remember how, or why i was looking for a yarn store! I stopped in a few times over the first few years i was here. Then one day i happened to be in and heard they were looking for staff. And i was out of a job… Two weeks later i had the best job i’ve ever had in my life and my obsession has only grown!

I think the thing i have come to love most about knitting, both in and outside of my job, is the community and comradery. When i travelled overseas, the first thing i did in each city was look up yarn stores, and i knew in going there that i would find someone i could have a decent conversation with. Knitters are welcoming and open folk and as long as you have sticks and strings in common, you have friends for life!


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  1. That’s a lovely story 🙂 And I have to agree with finding the Local yarn shop as a starting point in a new place. Knitters the world over are a great source of local information!

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