A very short post:

things have been… odd.. at chez Jen.

I don’t want to go into all the details about my health, but the exciting news is that i got a part in a production going up in the Tower theatre at the CUB Malthouse.

It’s called Love Victoria and is part of Love Fest Australia by CEL productions

I would love it if any locals come (Richmond knitters, I think Sonia might be organising a group?)

There is a special price for both productions but you need to phone up to receive it (same for 5 person group discount)

If you DO book, please let me know what night you’re coming and how many tickets (and ideally your receipt number). If you need a reason for why i need those things, just ask and i’ll explain!

Knitting has been happening, although i am frustrated that my Stockport which SHOULD have been finished last week is still not done (haven’t felt like knititng much this weekend) but i HAVE finished my Skew socks.

These are my June socks and have nicely co-incided with the Sockdown challenge at Sock Knitters Anonymous (prizes!! one day i hope!) The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Stripe and i loved watching the one or two row stripes appear. It’s quite remarkable how different all the stripes are when you look at the original skein. It’s dyed half one colour, half the other, so you THINK they’ll be even stripes, but they’re not!


I had to do the high instep mods from the designer’s blog and they’re still harder than my jaywalkers to get on, but they do fit really well once they’re on (though the left is possibly still a little tight). I also added an extra 2-4 stitches around the instep. They’re a nice tight fit though – great for wearing with my crocs.

Now, for my last trick, I leave you with this – courtesy of Dr Bones


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