I’m Still Here!

Theatre productions get pretty all encompassing as they near their climax, and that coupled with some serious virusy illness has meant that blogging has not been high on my list of priorities (which has been more about making sure i eat, getting places on time and not passing out in public). i have been knitting though (of course! especially when sick) and have a few FOs that i haven’t posted here!

A Swedish Fish called Wanda

A Swedish Fish called Wanda

These are one of the coolest things i’ve ever knitted (or two of, since there are, indeed, 2 socks). I used my very first installment of last year’s Sknitches Cinema Sock Club, which was Wanda (as in a Fish called) on a seacell and merino base. While my first impulse was EEK Orange! I soon realised that this yarn was MADE to do the Swedish Fish Socks* by Spillyjane. I purchased some undyed yarn in a bamboo blend from Wired for Fibre/Live 2 Knit, as i thought the bamboo would work well with the seacell blend.

I popped them aside in my sock-a-month stash and rigged them for July so i could enter in the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous monthly competition. These are only the third colourwork thing i’ve made and the first colourwork socks. This is a great pattern to try stranded knitting on. I wanted to knit them inside out, but sadly I cannot manage that on dpns and i do so dislike magic loop. So I made a valiant effort to create nice loose floats (but not too loose!) and i appear to have succeeded. They fit nicely – not too snug, but not too loose!

As I mentioned previously there have been so many babies arriving or incubating in recent times. I have started an heirloom type project for some friends, but i don’t want to say any more than that because i hope it will become something very special and i don’t want to give too much away!

I whipped this up for my second cousin (who’s now managed to break her ankle, which is bad for anyone but especially a mum with 2 boys under 2!) in the 13 hours is took to watch season 5 of Dr Who with my old housemate. I even finished the sewing up! all that was left was picking out the buttons and blocking it. I chose the colours as baby Theo has the most beautiful coffee coloured skin and i thought the darker tones would suit him. It’s a simple pattern from Debbie Bliss worked in Adorn Silky Merino DK

Striped Jumper for baby Theo

Striped Jumper for baby Theo

With all the socks and baby clothes this year i desperately needed a big old quick knit for me. I found satisfaction in the form of Stockport which only took as long as it did due to more illness. bah. so much time spent being sick this year. over it!

Stockport from Rowan 46

I will endeavor to get some photos of this ON me at some point. I worked it in the original cocoon in the most gorgeous colour. I made it longer and bought an extra ball accordingly, but given my tension was a smidge on the loose side and i have lost a lot of weight i did the medium (which even with my current size is still a size smaller than i’d do based on measurements). Well, I didn’t touch the last ball and it’s actually quite big! I highly recommend doing a smaller size than you think you need with this pattern. I had also been advised to keep the neckband tight, which i did. I stretched it quite a lot before sewing it in. It  still is a bit of a struggle to keep the top on my shoulders. AND the cocoon grows.

But all that being said, i love it. It’s warm, it’s comfy and it looks good even if it is big.

I have almost finished my Thea by Kim Hargreaves – half a sleeve and a collar to go. I knitted a whole sleeve in a day 2 weeks ago when i was completely laid up with the flu! Sadly I think I am coming down with another (or a reprise of this) virus. The show is now over, having closed last night, and everything went well. There was a good review on Arts Hub which mentions me especially. And i got some knitting done 🙂 I worked on my August socks backstage! My brain is turning mushy now, so I will leave it there. Hopefully I can get back in the habit of blogging regularly.

*ravelry link