A new year, a fresh start

I want to change the name of my blog. I know what i meant by the title, but it never sounds right. It kinda makes me sound like a junkie and i don’t want that.


here are my suggestions, and i’m willing to take suggestions from the crowd.

I will  make a decision tomorrow night after SnB


Crafty like a Fox

Knitickyboo (it’s already the blog address)

binkabooknitty (a play on my extended online alias, binkabookitty)

Knitty Kitty (i do love cats so)

A Yarn or Two

Crafting my life


these are all pretty lame, so give me ideas people!




5 responses

  1. I don’t have a suggestion as I have a hard enough time naming my own blogs, but I wanted to say that I’d never made the junkie association!
    I like these ones best:
    Knitty Kitty
    A Yarn or Two

    If I had to choose I’d say knitickyboo because it’s the address so it makes sense.

  2. It depends what the content of your blog is going to be. If it’s about knitting then go for A Yarn or Two (this one would also fit a general blog as a yarn is a story); if it’s about knitting and cats go for Knitty Kitty; if it’s going to be about your travels maybe you need to come up with something travel or adventure related.
    Personally I dont like Knitickyboo or binkabooknitty as they are difficult to remember (complex spelling for searches) and make me think of childrens tv characters! Just my opinion though.

    • it doesn’t surprise me at all that the last two remind you of children’s characters, since they both stem from the name of my cat! I have a new blog for my travel adventures – binkaboointheuk.wordpress.com. this one is almost always about craft (or reasons why i haven’t been able to craft). the kitty comes in because i identify as a cat personality wise. and your opinion is always welcome 🙂

  3. I think you should keep the current name of your blog. Out of all the knitting blogs listed, your name peaked my interest enough to come visit. It’s awesome, and made me laugh at the image of knitting needles as security against the world. Keep it!

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