etsy news!

Things are starting to get going at my etsy site!

I’ve purchased a showcase spot today (7th) and already someone has spotted one of my items and included it in this gorgeous purple themed treasury. She’s also listed her treasury on her blog, so in return I’m linking back to her here!

Thanks Talli – insert Streetcar Named Desire quote here šŸ˜€

I also had my first completely random stranger sale on Friday night. Some lovely person in India has purchased one of my first listings – my beaded pinboard pins – and my latest creations – knitted flower hair clips!

I got Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Flowers a little while ago and I’ve been playing around with some left over yarn and her little patterns to create some of my favourite items yet. And they’re already becoming quite popular!

plum flower clips

magenta flowers

pink flower clips

I must say though I do find Ms Epstein’s instructions a little hard to follow at times, so i sort of have to use my geometric engineering brain to work out what i’m supposed to do. The picot flowers i’ve been doing look adorable, but I’m sewing them up to make them look like that, rather than following her sewing up instructions, which make NO sense to me (any help here is MOST welcome)

I’ve also knitted a gorgeous brooch which will be listed as soon as there’s enough light to take a decent photo.

I’ve enjoyed playing around with the flowers so much that i’ve ordered her crochet flowers book too, since my crochet skills are improving all the time!

A whole new craft!

(precursor – I apologise for not updating in AGES, but I can’t craft and type at the same time! – yet!)

Well, I can now cross one thing off my ‘things i want to learn to do in 2008’ list…

I can crochet!

I bought a book at work which I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn (from a book) – Learn to Knit, from Patons Australia. It uses Jet, a 12 ply and Inca, a 14 ply (bulky weight yarns) so it’s quick and easy to see what you’re doing.

I bought it on a Wednesday, took it on a plane with a ball of yarn and a plastic hook and by Sunday I had made these:

The hat is made from Jet (and will be available on my etsy site as soon as I have some better pictures of it) which is an Alpaca blend so beautifully warm. I would keep it, but the style doesn’t suit me at all!

The scarf is made from a soybean/wool mix and despite being a tad rough, i love love love love it and wear it at least once a week! It goes with ALL my purple things and is super warm.

There is also a crochet scarf available on my etsy (after i made one for me!)

I splurged and bought The Happy Hooker (Debbie Stoller’s crochet book in the Stitch n Bitch series) and have the yarn for a couple of the bags from it. I’ve also favourited a pile of patterns on ravelry, including the prepster blazer, the crocheted skirt and the cold-shoulders capelet, which i have some gorgeous mohair I bought on sale i want to use up on it!

I’m also now waiting for Sensual Crochet (and Sensual Knits, Scarf Style and Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Flowers) to arrive from the UK. I’m hooked!



My package from fishpond arrived today and inside were three deliciously crafty books.

Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael

Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel

and Wire Jewellery – 25 crochet and knit wire designs by Kate Pullen

I made a cup of tea, grabbed a couple of cadbury creme eggs and read my knitting porn.

I have wanted Knitting Lingerie Style for ages. AGES. It’s not only got some GORGEOUS pattens (my particular favourites are the bed jacket, the trumpet skirt, waist-cincher top and shaped lace-tee) but it also goes through the basic history of a variety of underwear items (bra, slip, corset, stockings) and the patterns showcase a lot of shaping techniques that i should learn being a shapely girl! There are some items that, while I love the notion of them, are a bit bizarre, for example, knitted underwear. Whilst they look gorgeous and i’m sure in the right yarn they would be SO sexy-feeling against the skin, knitted bras and knickers are just a bit strange! Still, this is a top notch edition to my growing knitting book collection and i’m glad to finally have it in my hot little hands.

Fitted Knits is one of those books I kept seeing around the place and getting recommended on Amazon, so when I saw it for a good price I bought it. After all, as I mentioned, I’m a shapely girl and the one ‘fitted’ item i have made so far (a vest in Katia’s lovely diana yarn) looked horrible on. It stretched across the boobs, dragging the whole item up my body and making it terribly boxy and shortening. Of course, being my first knitted item of it’s size, I couldn’t bear to frog it, and i gave it to a friend. But back to the book… after such an experience a book that a) has shaped knits to start with and b) gives a wonderful guide to making sure your knit fits you and c) has top-down patterns that can be tried on as you go is just what the doctor ordered for getting me back up to knitting clothes as opposed to accessories. I love the saturday dress, the back to school u-neck vest, the airy wrap around and the elizabeth bennet cardi. Now I just need to be able to afford the yarn!

Wire jewellery is all crochet and knit items, and as I posted previously, this is an area of jewellery making I want to get into. This book not only has a variety of projects but offers ideas for variations and advice on materials and tools. Making jewellery is quick and easy and the results are always original, but given that I am skilled with a pair of pins, I might as well put that talent to creating unique pieces and I bought this book so I would have a range of techniques to put to good use!

Also, I finished my first beaded knitted item (not jewellery!) last night, a present for someone… so more on that later!

Proof of Addiction

First let me state that I am VERY poor at the moment.

Now, with that in mind, I just ordered Kim Hargreaves’ HEARTFELT from the UK for 17 pounds. Including shipping it was only AU$46 which is NOT BAD AT ALL considering i doubt it will be in Australia for a while. I mean even Amazon didn’t have this beauty. However, please remember point 1….

Still, I have no doubt I could easily knit up EVERY item in this book and love it. A very rare thing indeed. Also, they’re all in Rowan, which I can get at the Wool Baa, or I can even order the kits from Kim Hargreaves for a better price p/ball (and 5 pounds shipping).

I am particularly fond of the following…

< Cherish in Rowan Big Wool (Smokey – the colour I’d get)

< Emily in Rowan Kid Classic

<Elizabeth in Summer Tweed

Hopefully by the time it arrives I’ll have some form of income and thus be able to BUY the yarn for these glorious projects.