sOctober Disaster!!

So, I cheated a little on my pre-packaged self-imposed Sock a month thinger that i’ve been doing this year and swapped out a random pre-matched pattern and yarn (only 3 left) for my first wollmeise socks, beautiful colourwork Wallflowers (rav link here) in Stella Polaris and an undyed cashmere blend from Wired 4 Fibre.

My Hubris has been my downfall.

I never do tension for socks. I pretty much look at the needle in the pattern, the needle on the sock band and decide between (usually) a 2.25 or a 2.5. I’ve never had a problem (ok, my skews could probably afford to be on a 2.5, but honestly they’re never going to be easy for me to put on just because of my heel/bridge shape)

Until now.

So, i started, enjoying the complexity of the pattern, the softness of the cashmere, the colour of the wm and  my new way of tensioning. i’ve abandonned 2 handed – it looks cool but doesn’t really make me happy. I’m holding both yarns in my right hand as i normally do and using my forefingers to switch between the two. It’s a little bit quicker for me too and my floats are tight, but not too tight and very even.

I happily knit away on the recommended 2mms, working the heel – my first point of concern – the point at which i should have maybe at least tried the sock ON, especially given i’m looking at that heel and looking at my pointy heeled, high arched foot and thinking, hmmm – doing short rows (MAGIC!) and getting a whole nother repeat of the pattern done.

I am 1/2 an inch from starting the toe. so like maybe 6 more rounds… and i finally try it on.


at all.

on either foot.


I thought i would cry, but interestingly enough i didn’t I think shock set in instead. I calmly decided that yes i would frog and reknit, since the people i love enough in this world to give a colourwork sock to do not have tiny skinny feet, or low insteps. and also, I totally want to wear these in the UK next year what with their double layer warmth, cashmere and general prettiness

So I took the needles out and prepared to frog. Before i completely frogged i did a little tension measure, just to see.

Well, blow me down if i wasn’t getting 40 stitches (and this is after i’ve stretched the sock significantly trying to get it over my heel) instead of the 36 i’m meant to be getting.


So I ummed and ahhed about whether to try 2.25s or 2.5s, but the answer was given me by a weird spillage of needles in another room which meant when i went to grab my 2.25s there were only 2.5s to be had. I saw it as a sign and started knitting.

An episode of Law and Order UK and one of QI Uncut later and i have

And it fits 🙂 i’m getting the tension given when i smooth out the slight colourwork puckering (it’s the sort that will block out no trouble at all but just makes the unblocked thing look a bit bumpy) and while it is still a bit of a squish over the heel i did get it on.

Now though, I’m wondering what to do about this heel. I feel I should start it earlier and make it deeper? ie spread out the increases over more rows? thoughts? has anyone done this pattern?

So. my socks are back on track, but for anyone good at maths they will see that a sock i cast on on the 1st of october had not yet been finished and is now being reknitted and socks, in general, do like to come in pairs. This means that unless i completely abandon ALL other projects i’m working on at the moment (ha, like that’s going to happen, especially when one of them is Sylvi which is like, whe-hey instant results!) these will not be finished in time for november

The lovely K at Knitting Pretty suggested I make a pair of socks for lilah (which i amended to a pair of baby socks, since lilah does not like to wear socks and also has 4 feet) before oct is over to stay with my ‘socks each month’ challenge. I had been thinking of using some of my NEVER ENDING BALL Of Wanda (sknitches cinema sock club yarn used in the fish socks) to make some baby socks for ALL THE BABIES i know. So, my dear knitters? tell me, does this preserve my sock – a- month (and i have indeed completed a pair of socks every month this year – one was 4 days late, but otherwise on time) or is it just a token effort?

I also have to bear in mind that during November i will have to get cracking on a super special secret project for some very special people as i now have a date i intend to present them with this… well, present!

Please contribute your 2 cents (or dollars?) worth. would love advice and also, comments are nice!

Next post will have LOTS more pictures, of yarn and FOs, i promise!


ETA: I have been SO SO SO busy in recent weeks between travelling, getting new jobs, working old jobs and directing for the first time ever in a short play festival i’m also performing in. If you’re in melbourne come along to the Short and Sweet festival on Sat 5th Nov to see my directorial debut!


Just had a rare epic crafting fail. I had some old discontinued wool in a cream and brown – not the softest wool, but smooshy with an unexpected kind of striping pattern. I thought i would weave it into a scarf for my cousin who is fond of natural colours.

Well, I chose the 10dpi reed (it was a 10 ply yarn should have been tight, but ok) but didn’t take into account the nature of the yarn – it was a smooshy single, spun around a strong core (thank goodness or it would have TRULY been an epic fail) and as the heddle moved up and down it pushed the smooshy single wooly bit into lovely little coils – ie, it wouldn’t let the full yarn through the gaps!

This was compounded by the truly felty nature of the wool – the warp ends would stick to each other, it fluffed all over the place – completely horrible!

Eventually i gave up, cut the weaving off and assessed how much warp i had left. I should have quit earlier!! I guessed i might have enough warp left to make a short scarf (and my cousin is not overly tall) so i switched to the 7.5dpi reed, restrung the warp and tried again.

Results were better when it came to the actual weaving – much less pushing of the yarn, though it still did occur, leaving ugly fluffy bits and all sorts of other imperfections – But the final product is just (I think) too short. It looks lovely, feels blah and doesn’t really wrap – which i like to at least have the option of doing in scarves i give to people.

I will take a photo of it when it dries and i’ve run over it with the lint shaver to remove some of the excess fluff, but not sure i can really give it away (at least not to someone i like!!)

I have one ball left of the yarn – might consider knitting something like fetching in it, but to be honest, I kinda never want to look at it again!!