Stitches and Craftiness

Last Weekend was the Stitches and Craft show and on Sunday I went along with my brand new housemate of win. She is also a crafty type and indeed I met her through the knitting group on Monday nights in Richmond!

The show was a bit less crowded than the last time i went – it seemed there were fewer stalls and vendors, but i did REALLY like the crafting stations they had set up and i wish we’d had a bit more time to make some things and try out new crafts. I would very much have liked to try out the paper craft station as this is something that’s always fascinated me but i’m not silly enough to get into. (not that i think scrapbooking and paper craft is silly, it’s just that i already do a bajillion things – the same reason starting to quilt would point towards severe insanity)

I have a self-imposed yarn embargo on at the moment – No yarn purchases for the month of may. As you smart chooks will realise, last week was may. so what to do? well I made a deal with myself. I had one day off for Stitches and Craft, in return for a further week into June. So no yarn until June 8th. I don’t know why this is such a hard thing to do. It’s not like i don’t have about 4 years worth of projects ready to go in my home!

But I couldn’t resist Pear Tree yarn on sale. We had a lovely discussion about work and the store being a stockist and i let the ladies know i’m knitting Fay in the 4ply supersoft (which most certainly is!). Having access to the yarn through work, I did of course limit my purchases to the sale stock – their old merino range in a discontinued colour called Sky – a lovely soft blue which apparently matches my eyes. It’s a 12 ply and I’m thinking i might do Rosamund’s cardigan in it. I also picked up a skein of a mixed 4 ply which is grey, cream and softest pink – I’m planning to weave something with it but need to find a complimentary yarn.

The next place i could not walk past was One Fat Slug- a yarn dyer i had heard about on the grapevine with a totally unforgettable name. I instantly spotted a skein of delicious silk merino in watercolour pinks, blues and purples. Whilst it might do a pair of delicate socks, I was taken by her sample ishbel shawl done in that yarn and think i might just do the same!

My last yarn purchase was another Zauberball, now being sold here in Melbourne. I picked my first one up in Austria, but have seen a gorgeous striped pair of socks using two of these balls and wanted to do the same, so when i heard they would be available at the show (for $4 less than retail too!) I had to look. I picked up one in pinks and purples – i just have to make sure the blackish parts of the two balls don’t line up!

Otherwise the majority of my hard earned (lol) money was spent on a joint house project. Stealing the idea directly from penelope waits, I suggested to the HoW (housemate of win as she will now be known) that we should decorate one of our blank cream walls with awesome fabric in embroidery hoops. She just happened to HAVE some vintage wooden embroidery hoops, so we took the opportunity of the Stitches and Craft show to choose some fabrics. Between the lovely ladies at Spindle and Ink, Pepperberry and Co, Pippijoe and Earthgirl Fabrics, we came up with this.

We ❤ it lots and lots and lots!

The Christmas Spirit

It is now only 20 days til Christmas and apparently, statistically today is the most popular day for putting up decorations in Aus (although not in my family, my family are slack and i tend to have to put them up when i arrive at my parents – often 2 or 3 days before christmas!). Not having a place i really call ‘home’ right now means i’m not particularly interested in decorating my space. Since i moved from SA I’ve tended to satisfy myself with decorating at my parents and having a token decoration at my own place.

But lately I have been aching to have my own place (which i will by next christmas I hope) so that i can start fresh with home made decorations! My good friends penelopewaits and redwren have both been posting tutorials for handmade garlands and buntings and other decorations and I helped PWs and her partner put up the tree this year and discovered her ‘colour theme’ system, where each year they pick a theme – usually a collection of colours, sometimes something else – to use only a selection of their many tree decorations. I’ve always just crammed ALL our decorations on the tree 🙂

I also had the pleasure of putting the christmas decorations up at the Wool Baa yesterday. What a great day at work! There’s definitely a pink and gold theme going on in the store :). Once I’d hung all our baubles and stars and stockings, I had the brilliant idea of going through our scrap yarn and making decorative pompoms. I found some red marled yarn and moss green mohair and created some ginormous pom poms and also some pink and purple novelty yarns to make one pom pom and some gold/yellow yarns to make a gold pom pom for the windows. I have never been a big pom pom fan generally, but as decorations i LOVE them! They’re like fuzzy baubles and they don’t break!

I’m also dreaming of felt stars, material birdies, crochet covered baubles, knitted mini stockings and australian bush garlands (although that would take a whole new set of skills :)) When I was little we used to use tree seed pods from a tree at my grandmothers and red dyed cotton wool to create little red robins for christmas cards. I only just remembered that writing this post! and pine cones to make owls!

So next year – watch out. There will be many many christmas crafted items! in the meantime, please, leave links to your favourite tutorials or handmade decorations – I’d love to see them!

and the obligoraty inspiration mosaic! (all from flickr)

1. navidad adelantada, 2. Reindeer Brooch, 3. Christmas tags #1, 4. Christmas Garland, 5. HOLOGRAPHIC CARD, 6. Christmas Stitchette pillow, 7. Little Bird Tree Decoration (Peach Sorbet), 8. Christmas Bunting (close-up), 9. stock1

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