Summer is here!

At last, at last, the gloomy spring became a freaking awesome summer, which makes the fact that I’m coming up to 18 months here (thus 6 months to go) that much harder! I LOVE London in the summer. It just becomes a magical place!

The warm weather doesn’t carry the blazing heat of home (although it is humid at times, yuck) but in honour of the season I finished a little cotton project I started last year.

And it was my first crocheted garment for me! I was super worried about it, because despite doing a tension square, the tension was smaller than I expected and I had to do a WHOLE lot of extra pattern repeats to get it to a decent length (the fact I started it *last* summer might have contributed. oops). On the plus side, looks like my crochet Ā chains are finally getting away from the loosey goosey end of the spectrum!

A sweet summer top!

A sweet summer top!

The pattern is Petal* from Interweaves crotchet Spring 2011 and the yarn was Rowan cotton glace which i managed to get on sale at Liberty when Sharon visited me last year!

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, since the thing about crochet, is that I don’t have the experience to know how to alter shaping or anything like that. So the fact that the sleeves matched the armholes is a bit of a miracle! It’s a little tight under the arms and the neckline is a bit wonky, but i still love it!

IMG_0035 IMG_0036

This colour isn’t quite right, it’s a very soft blue


The lovely shell stitch pattern šŸ˜€

I’m so super pleased with this, i feel like it’s an amazing accomplishment!

Looking through the remainder of things to work on, it looks like the rest of my time might be spent on heavier garments – jumpers and cardigans and shawls. I’m thinking i have to do another self-imposed sock club next year though! not a pair since i moved!!

Luckily winter is ALWAYS just around the corner here in the UK ,so I’m sure I’ll be luxuriating under piles of wool and mohair and alpaca soon!

Proof of Addiction

First let me state that I am VERY poor at the moment.

Now, with that in mind, I just ordered Kim Hargreaves’ HEARTFELT from the UK for 17 pounds. Including shipping it was only AU$46 which is NOT BAD AT ALL considering i doubt it will be in Australia for a while. I mean even Amazon didn’t have this beauty. However, please remember point 1….

Still, I have no doubt I could easily knit up EVERY item in this book and love it. A very rare thing indeed. Also, they’re all in Rowan, which I can get at the Wool Baa, or I can even order the kits from Kim Hargreaves for a better price p/ball (and 5 pounds shipping).

I am particularly fond of the following…

< Cherish in Rowan Big Wool (Smokey – the colour I’d get)

< Emily in Rowan Kid Classic

<Elizabeth in Summer Tweed

Hopefully by the time it arrives I’ll have some form of income and thus be able to BUY the yarn for these glorious projects.