Calling out to Test Knitters Everywhere…

Hi lovely knitterly people…

I am looking for two or three test knitters who like fingerless mitts…

I recently finished these*, worked in some of my delicious souvenir yarn – Zitron Opus 1, a smooshy worsted single with aloe vera and jojoba (hence their ravelry project name…)

Finger First Mitts sans buttons

I have been envisaging a new way to knit mitts for a while now, and have finally tested it.

I wrote up the pattern today and would love to get some people to try it before i offer it on this blog. I am debating whether to charge a very small fee for these, since they are my 3rd public pattern now… like, $1US or something.

But first things first… anyone want to make sure it makes sense?

You will need about 150 – 200m of worsted/aran weight yarn, maybe something like Noro Silk Garden, or Rowan Kid Classic or the new Silk Twist or DB Cash Aran… Or maybe something rarer? Trust me, these are perfect for that one-off special skein. You will also need about 20 – 22 buttons. I can’t offer payment, but we can maybe discuss a yarn donation to your stash?

*Rav link

Advice please…

There’s going to be a few posts over the next few days – isn’t that exciting?

first things first… I’m trying to make a decision.

I bought this awesome fabric on special (just at spotlight, but isn’t it so me). It’s a jersey knit kind of fabric (pretty sure it’s just polyester, but it has a lovely drape) and i know i want to make a dress with a sort of 70s-ish feel to it but i can’t find the right one!

I have these two in my collection (i’ve made the one on the right before and it’s an ok pattern – very drapey and has once or twice been accused of being a dressing gown!!). I would need to make a larger size than last time though and it may not suit as well now.

The one on the left i can’t say too much about except i like the style and it doesn’t seem to complicated. I would be looking at doing the highlighted version.

Online I’ve found a few more possibilities…

1) 2)

3) 4)

They’re all available as immediate downloads from or as paper patterns (except no. 2) which i’ve found reputable in the past… but i just CAN’T DECIDE!!! what do you all think? I’m leaning towards no. 1 from i think, but would love your weigh ins!

My first Garment

Having bought Heartfelt, I knitted something from it! And I LOVE it.

It’s Cherish, knitted in Rowan Big Wool (as designed) in the M/12 size in colour Smokey. It is sooooo warm and snuggly and as it gets colder here in Melbourne I’m hoping to wear it even more.

Here it’s pinned with my sewing up needle, but I have since sewn a button on it, though in my eagerness to wear it i modelled my own shawl pin for a while, which looked great!

I’m now working on Calm, which i’m knitting in Jo Sharp’s Rare Comfort Kid Mohair in colour Tranquil. How appropriate, no? I’m aiming to finish it in time to wear to work on Saturday.. so two days! but i only have the top of the sleeves, the sewing up and the small yoke to knit. Easily done!